How to find Number of Physical/Logical CPUs, cores and memory in Solaris

Sometimes it becomes a bit tricky to gather CPU and memory information, especially with t-series hardware with LDOMs installed on it. The article takes an example of T5240 server to gather hardware information like physical/logical CPUs and memory. T5240 that I use, have the following specs : CPU type Physical CPUs Virtual/logical CPUs (threads) Memory […]

How to dynamically replace CPU/memory board (dynamic reconfiguration) on SunFire s6800/e12K/e15K/e25K

Whats a dynamic reconfiguration? On s6800/e12K/e15K/e25K systems we may dynamically reconfigure CPU/memory boards, I/O boards and PCI on I/O boards with dynamic reconfiguration. The process is on-line and there is no interruption in the OS during this reconfiguration. This is useful when you want to replace a faulty system board on the system or configuring […]