VCS cluster 6.2 LAB : Installing VCS

If you have followed the first 4 posts of this series then you are ready to install the SFHA on the 2 nodes. We would also configure the I/O fencing using the installer. Unlike older version the I/O fencing can be configured with the help of … [Read more]

VCS cluster 6.2 LAB : Configuring Open-E DSS

In the last post we installed the Open-e DSS V7 Liter software. Let us now configure it in order to provision iSCSI storage for the 2 VM nodes of the cluster. Creating iSCSI volume We have allocated four 10Gb HDD for the VM. One out of this is used … [Read more]

VCS cluster 6.2 LAB : Installing Open-E DSS

One of the most important component of this lab setup is the shared storage. I will be using the software Open-E DSS V7 lite version for the setup. The lite and the professional version software are the same except when we register the software we do … [Read more]

Oracle RAC : understanding split brain

What is a "Split Brain" Split Brain is often used to describe the scenario when two or more nodes in a cluster, lose connectivity with one another but then continue to operate independently of each other, including acquiring logical or physical … [Read more]