How to add swap space in linux

Besides the RAM there is a so called Swap, which is a virtual memory, where RAM content (pages) could be swapped-in in case there is not enough RAM available anymore. This swap is located on the disc and since disc reads and writes are slower than … [Read more]

CentOS / RHEL : How to collect sosreport

The "sosreport" is a tool to collect troubleshooting data on RHEL/CentOS systems. It generates a compressed tarball of debugging information that gives an overview of the most important logs and configuration of a Linux system, to be sent to Redhat … [Read more]

CenOS / RHEL 7 : Reset root password

Resetting root password in CentOS/RHEL 7 is slightly different than the older versions. The post describes the procedure to reset the lost root password.Reboot and edit grub2 Reboot the system and press any key to stop the auto-boot from the … [Read more]